MICHAEL HARDT KEYNOTE FRI 4-6 (Wolff Conference Room)

by Daycaf Magazine


Michael Hardt, long time thinker of radical revolutionary methods—from the theories he developed with Antoio Negri about the Commons, the Multitude as resistant to Empire, is offering an extremely intreating paper that interrogates he historical developments of radical democracy, methodologically. His is  a paper on the ideas of the necessary interaction between strategy and tactics in revolutionary struggle and organization of democracy.

Hardt sees a dialectic between leadership and democracy asa merging between democratic organization and its leaders.

Spontaneous insurrection and conspiracy are both necessary for democratic centralist practice. As we move genealogically, from the Paris Communards up through May 68 and onto contemporary anti-authoritarian critiques of leadership set in. OWS and Feminist Movements have radical problematized the practice of revolutionary leadership.

Hardt both identifies with the critiques OWS + other social movements present leadership, and yet does not think prefigurative politics, on its own, will be enough to grapple with the massive social struggles around the globe. To thimk around and between the goals and aims between radical democratic cries for leadership-less revolution, along with reall and pragmatic long term success. Strategy should be understood as a long-lasting structure and yet, the way to resolve the leadership problem, according to Hardt, is to make leadership temporary and flexible…