There is no sta…

by Daycaf Magazine

There is no state of exception in the normal regime of the Law.

There is no visible Outside any more—nothing like a pure Nature, the madness of classical age, the Great Crime of the classical age, or the Great classical Proleariat with its actually existing Homeland of Justice and Liberty. These are all gone, mostly because they have lost their imaginary force of attraction. The Outside is now gone precisely because today there is exteriority at every point of the biopolitical tissue.

Madness, crime or the hungry proletariat no longer inhabit a defined or recognized space, they no longer form a world unto themselves, their own ghetto with or without walls. With the dissipation of the social, these terms become reversible modalities, a violent latency, a possibility each and every body might be capable of. This suspicion is what justifies the continuous socialization of society, the perfecting of the micro-apparatuses of control. NOT THAT BIOPOWER CLAMES TO GOVERN MEN AND THINGS DIRECTLY—INSTEAD, IT GOVERNS POSSIBILITIES AND CONDITIONS OF POSSIBILITY.

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